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Offering Snow and Ice climbing courses for all ages and abilities
and specialized courses for the more experienced. The White Mountains offer ideal conditions and training opportunities for those looking to venture into the mountains.

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Introduction to Ice Climbing (one day)

Designed for those who have never climbed, this course makes the joy of climbing accessible to everyone who is interested. You will be introduced to the basic skills and enjoy practicing on a variety of selected climbs to suit your abilities

Intermediate and Advanced Ice Course
(one day)

For those who have taken the Snow and Ice Course or who have had previous ice climbing experience. The focus here is to help you refine your climbing technique, working on proper footwork and balance, tool placement, rest positions, anchors and protection, and evaluation of ice conditions. 
You will learn increasingly advanced techniques while being exposed to progressively steeper and more challenging multi-pitch ice climbs. Increasing your efficiency of movement gives you greater endurance and enjoyment in the sport of ice climbing.

Snow and Ice Course (Two Day
Snow and Ice Course (Two Day)

For those with no previous winter experience. Learn the use of the ice axe and crampons in progressive stages, from step cutting to more advanced methods, including French, International, and front pointing techniques. You will also learn how to safely self arrest. Instruction also covers the use of snow and ice anchors, natural protection, rope management, rappelling and glissading techniques. You will be able to practice using the ice axe, crampons, and other technical gear on a variety of snow and ice conditions, with emphasis on safety and efficiency

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