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Alain Comeau

*AMGA 2009 "Guide of the Year Award" 


* AMGA 2017 "LifeTime Achievement Award"

Alain's love of people and the natural environment are expressed in his dedication to teaching climbing. 
He has been working as an instructor and guide since the early 70's, climbing from New Zealand to Africa, and extensively in the European Alps. Previously working for International Mountain Climbing School, Eastern Mountain Climbing School and founder of the Mountain Guides Alliance.

Owner / lead guide New England Mountain Guides 
Instructor / Examiner for the American Mountain Guides Association 

Owner/ Director of Mountain Operations for Leading Edge Concepts, working exclusively for 20+ years with Military Special Operation Forces (USAF Pararescue, Combat Controlers, SERE, BORSTAR, Navy SEALS). Offering Uniques, specialized training courses in efficient mountain operations with a focus on Adaptive Rescue Systems, applicable to the career field today.

                                                    * A.M.G.A. Rock and Alpine Certified
                                                    * Wilderness First Responder 
                                                    * Level II Avalanche certified
                                                    *Team Leader Mountain Rescue Service 

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