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Offering Rock climbing courses for all ages and abilities
and specialized courses for the more experienced, including anchor clinics, self rescue skills, direct aid climbing and A.M.G.A. Rock Instructor Course and the A.M.G.A. Single Pitch Instructor Course.

Discover Rock Climbing (One Day)
Intermediate Rock Climbing (One Day)

Designed for those who have never climbed, this course makes the joy of climbing accessible to everyone who is interested. You will be introduced to the basic skills and enjoy practicing on a variety of selected climbs to suit your abilities

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Advanced Rock (One Day)

An exciting option for the more experienced climber. Selected climbs to suit your interest and abilities. The day is customized based on your previous experience, your goals and ambitions.

Anchor Clinic (One Day)

A very comprehensive clinic for leaders or aspiring leaders. An in depth look at todays protection. Learn to build safe and efficient anchors from simple to complex systems in a wide range of situations. 

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A.M.G.A. Single Pitch Course (3 days) 
Exam (2 days)

For those with prior climbing experience or who have taken the beginning course. Learn progressively more advanced friction, face and crack climbing techniques as well as additional information on knots, anchors, rappelling and belaying. Acquire valuable skills and increase your knowledge of systems and techniques 

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Self Rescue Course (One Day)

For experienced climbers who want to learn how to get themselves out diffcult situations. Learn techniques to solve practical problems and become a safer and more responsible climber. These techniques include lowering and hauling systems, passing knots, and specialized rappelling techniques, and apply to a wide range of situations from the most simple to complex and many of these skills should be fundamental to every climbers repertoire.

Direct Aid (Two Days)

Valuable skills for the well rounded climber. Essential for big walls and alpine ascents. Learn and practice the specialized systems and specific skills required for a multi pitch aid route.
Previous rock climbing experience required.

The Single Pitch Instructor (SPI) Program teaches climbing instructors to proficiently facilitate and instruct the sport of rock climbing in a single pitch setting. The SPI is the only internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program in the United States. 

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